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Moto Cabbie Simulator

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 Games Details

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Plays: 304 plays

Category: 3D Car Games, Bike Games

Launched Date: Mar 12, 2024

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 Moto Cabbie Simulator Description

Moto Cabbie Simulator is a free 3D Car Games game that you can play on It has been played 304 plays times.
Were you aware that motorcycles can also serve as taxis? This is now made possible with Moto Cabbie Simulator, an exceptional new 3D motorcycle driving simulator game available on our website. In this game, you assume the role of a bike cabbie responsible for transporting people instead of packages. Allow us to provide you with more details about this exciting role.

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Utilize the WASD or arrow keys to navigate your motorcycle. Head towards the green spots on the map to pick up passengers and then transport them to the designated purple spots for drop-off. Ensure timely and accident-free deliveries, as any mishaps will result in failure. However, for each successful fare, you will receive monetary compensation.

As you explore the city, your missions will become increasingly challenging and time-consuming. However, the potential for higher earnings will also increase. Make wise use of your earnings to purchase new motorcycles and driver skins. Additionally, the game will introduce various challenges along the way to keep things fresh and engaging. Let's embark on this thrilling journey and perhaps invite your friends to join as well! If you enjoyed this game and want to play similar car games, just go to the 3D Car Games, Bike Games page.

 Moto Cabbie Simulator Instructions

Use arrow keys or wasd to drive your motorbike.

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