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Electric Racing Description:

You are racing in the electric car challenge, race one of 3 electric supercars in the cross country electric car racing championship. Get prize money to enter new races and upgrade your car. Drift close to other cars to increase your electric charge.

Electric Racing Instructions:

Use AWSD or cursor keys to steer and accelerate/brake.Fill your turbo meter by drifting close to other cars.then press X or N to use the electric boost.

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Electric Racing Reviews:

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by: asim on 30 Jun, 2017
er yhtryhu75r

by: junaid on 28 Dec, 2016
electric racing are good games

by: junaid on 28 Dec, 2016
kia hal ha

by: AYYANAHMED on 21 Nov, 2016

by: Abdulrehman on 11 Oct, 2016

by: seiuyasimia on 12 Aug, 2016
NOt A Good game>>

by: alihaider on 05 Jul, 2016
cricket game

by: adab on 19 Jun, 2016

by: jia on 13 Jun, 2016
nice game

by: on 13 Jun, 2016
thanks for game

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